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Sterling Brewery

1880 Map of Evansville

1888 Map of Evansville

Evasnville Brewing Association Bottling Dept

Old brewery bottling shop

Mammoth New Bottling Shop Evansville Brewing Ass'n

Mammoth New Bottling Shop Evansville Brewing Ass'n

Evansville Brewing Association Stock House

Evansville Brewing Association

The Red Cross Canteen

Fulton Ave looking north

L & N Depot demolition

Railroad crossing at Fulton near Ohio St

Sterling Brewery

Ice plant at the Fulton Brewery

Fulton Avenue Brewery

Shell Oil Co

Sterling Brewery 1969

Old Fulton Ave Brewery complex

The new Sugar Creek Creamery Co

View of Gas & Electric Light Co

SIGECO gasometer on Penn St

Evansville Brewing Association buildings

Fulton Avenue Brewery

Orr Iron

Sterling Brewery 1969

Sterling Brewery

Sterling Brewery complex

Demolition of the L&N Depot

Fulton Ave from turn near Riverside Dr

Old L & N Depot in 1981

Sugar Creek Creamery 1930 ad

Fulton Avenue Brewery

Fulton Ave Brewery ad

EBA 1902 Newspaper ad

Bottling house construction at EBA

Sterling Brewery Sep 1985

Old Sterling Brewery Bottling Works

Addition at the old Sterling Brewery

Old Sterling Brewery offices

Panoramic view of old Sterling Brewery

Rear of old wagon shed at Sterling Brewery

Dry grain storage at old Sterling Brewery

Old structure at Sterling Brewery

Oldest buildings at Sterling Brewery

Carriage house at Sterling Brewery

Fire damage at Sterling Products

Fire damage at Sterling Products

General Offices of the Evansville Brewery

$200,000 stock house goes up for the Evansville Brewing Co

Sketch of Sterling complex 1928

View of Pennsylvania St before the Lloyd Expressway

1884 Sanborn Map

1895 Sanborn Map

1910 Sanborn Map

1962 Sanborn Map

Lamasco area 1940

Aerial photo of Fulton and Lloyd Expressway

Work being done on Lloyd and Fulton interchange

Downtown panoramic (c1907)

West Side Expressway Dedication

West Side Expressway

Another view of the Delaware-Columbia Bridge

Delaware and Columbia Bridge dedication 3/20/1956