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Mesker, Geo. L & Co

1880 Map of Evansville

1888 Map of Evansville

New Bement & Seitz building

Heilman Plow Works

Mesker Steel 1970s

Geo L Mesker

Old Geo L Mesker

Corner of Lower 1st and Ingle Streets (old Mesker buildings)

Panoramic view behind the old Post Office

Panoramic view Riverside Dr

View looking northwest from Sycamore

Vacant Mesker Steel

Boat in floodwaters at Ingle and Riverside

1895 Sanborn Map

1910 Sanborn Map

1962 Sanborn Map

Downtown c1941

Aerial view of downtown and Ohio River

Panoramic of Downtown (c1935)

Lower Downtown c1960

Photo of downtown renewal

NW Riverside c1990