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Hercules Buggy Co

Hercules Buggy Works

Hercules Buggy Co


Evansville Factory School

Bird's eye view of Servel Inc

Cars in front of Hercules Co

The Hercules Buggy Company

Morton Ave Warehouse

Old Hercules Buggy factory

Hercules Buggy foundry

Construction of Hercules Buggy

Back of old Hercules Buggy foundry

New addition to Hercules Plant

Scenes in great new manufacturing district

Hercules Gas Engine Co 1918

Servel enameling plant

1930 ad Servel-Hercules-Electrolux

Servel Inc plant buildings now cover 24 acres

Hercules Buggy

Southern RR in front of Hercules Buggy

Hercules Gas Engine Works

Hercules plant

Sketch of Hercules facility

Hercules factories

Herucles Buggy

Birdseye view of the buggy factory additions

Office building of Hercules Buggy Co

Factory buildings of Hercules Buggy

1910 Sanborn Map

1918 Sanborn Map

1962 Sanborn Map

1962 Sanborn Map

Construction of the new US 41 interchange

Erie homes site